Monday, May 26, 2014

First step into the world of blogging!

Hi!  I am so excited to begin my teacher blog.  I have enjoyed blog hopping and love, love, love getting new ideas from all the fantastic teachers out there in the blog world.  Whenever I feel the pressure of the HUGE amounts of demands being placed on educators sucking the spark out of me, I simply hop into the blogging land and POOF!!!  The spark is back and renewed.  My hope is that by beginning this blog I will help other teachers get inspired, make new friends, and continue to get AMAZING ideas from fellow teachers.  

A little about me...I'm Lori.  I am soooo very lucky to live in the sunny state of Florida!  I teach and live a few blocks from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  
This is how I love to spend me weekends!  Relaxing by the seashore.  Now you know what inspired my blog title. ;-). I have two gorgeous daughters, not that I'm biased by any means.  Ha!
They love taking selfies.  Which gets really silly at times.  I'm always finding surprise random selfies on my iPhone.
Here is a random sweet moment, that in my opinion are to few and far between.
I have a fantastic husband too...can't forget about the Mr.
Well there is a little about me and my family.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Until next time...

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