Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer fun

I love being on vacation and spending time with my friends and family .  I just got back from a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi with a good friend.  I so needed some me time and this was perfect.  My sweet friend from over at Run Ms Nelsons got the Camera and I took a girls road trip.  No husbands or kids allowed.  I felt guilty at first, but quickly got over it once I slept in till 10.  I NEVER get to sleep in!!!  I had even forgotten how nice it was to wake up not feeling tired.  Can any of you mommies out there relate?   It was only a 48 hour trip, but loads of fun!!!  We explored cute boutiques in Ocean Springs.   You know the kind you won't normally set foot in with little ones for fear of something getting broken?  It was fun just browsing around.  I even stuck to my budget I had set for myself.  We gambled a little at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino but didn't win anything worth mentioning.  I'm never one of those lucky people to win big.  Probably why I don't gamble very often.  Ha!!!  The very best part was coming home to my sweet girls for hugs and kisses. 
On a teaching note...My district just adopted the Wonders reading series and I am creating cute pocket chart word cards for each of the spelling units for 2nd grade.  Head on over to my teacher pay teacher store and check it out.  I also have a few freebies there too.  You can find me at learning by the seashore under sellers.   Anyone else have some great resources to share for Wonders?  I'd love to hear from you!